Rreth Nesh


About the company

Vega Solar is a German-Albanian renewable energy company focused on the photovoltaic sector. Our company has managed to leave a significant footprint in this sector due to the strategy focused on creating competitive advantages, as well as the way on enhancing partnership relations inside and outside Albania. The professionalism of the team and the high quality of the products that our company offers have played an important role too.


Solar energy has proven to be not only the most efficient alternative energy, but also a safe and fast-returning investment. Therefore, we aim to accelerate the process of integrating photovoltaic systems into the lives of Albanian families and businesses. We work today for a more eco-friendly environment tomorrow.


The main mission of Vega Solar is to promote the use of renewable energy in Albania, aiming at increasing the electricity produced especially by photovoltaic panels. The geographical position greatly favors this sector, as Albania has about 300 sunny days.

Our Advantages:

Vega Solar offers a wide range of quality products from well-known German, Austrian, Italian and Swiss firms, which for years have won first prizes for quality. Some of them are Luxor, Fronius, SMA, K2 Systems. All products come with a multi-year warranty. Another advantage is our highly qualified and professional staff, which consists of Albanian, German and Austrian engineers specialized in the field of photovoltaics. Maintenance service is another strong point of our company, enabling continuous care to maintain the quality of the photovoltaic panels installed . With the most modern cleaning equipment and detailed technical control we provide you with an efficient photovoltaic system over the years.