Technical Consultancy

Vega Solar offers a FREE consulting service to any individual or business who is interested in installing a photovoltaic plant. For this service Vega Solar has at your disposal a German engineer who will calculate the system most suitable for you or your business

Financial Consulting

A photovoltaic system should have a quick return on investment. Vega Solar provides you with a detailed financial analysis of your investment and helps you make the right investment.

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    Vega Solar has formed a professional working group made up of experienced electricians and installers who are trained in assembling metal structures (mounting systems) and installing photovoltaic systems.


    An important part of the project is the configuration of the system according to the appropriate parameters. Vega Solar engineers are certified for this service by the largest inverter manufacturing companies.

    Guarantee for your system

    Vega Solar carries out any installation of photovoltaic systems with full responsibility and seriousness. To provide you with the most optimal service any installation of the workgroup is supervised by German or Austrian engineers. Vega Solar responds at any time to any problems your system may have..

    For any problems, contact us at any time at : +355 69 20 21 115


    Professional cleaning

    Vega Solar performs professional photovoltaic panel cleaning with specialized equipment for this function, which does not damage the solar panel glass.

    Technical control

    Vega Solar carries out technical checks of photovoltaic systems which include cable connection control, drone panel control with thermal cameras for potential problems, and inverter inspection for potential problems.

    For more information about our maintenance service contact: [email protected]