Photovoltaic System Fabric “Caterina Firenze”– 332 kWp Berat

Photovoltaic System "Caterina Firenze"– 332 kWp Berat

Questions about the Photovoltaic System

What is the type and the size of the photovoltaic system?

♻️  332 kWp On Grid 

How many solar panels are installed and what model are they?

♻️  830 Solar Panels Luxor 400 Wp

How many inverters are needed for this photovoltaic system?

♻️ 3 Inverters ABB 100 kW

What type of structure is used for this photovoltaic system?

♻️  K2 Systems GmbH – SpeedRail

How much electrical energy produces this system per year?

♻️  464.800 kWh per year