Shtypshkronja Pegi

"Pegi Printing House

Technical data

Project size 40 kWp
Type: 3-Phase System-On-Grid
Panels: Luxor Poly 275 wp
No. of panels 144
Inverteri On-Grid FroniusSymo 20-kW 3-Phase On-Grid Inverter
No. of On-Grid inverters: 2
Structure K2-System Triangle structure 30 grad-Aluminum
Other products: -Mc4 Staubli connectors
-Cable 6 mm 2KBE
-Smart meter Froinus
String info: 8 Strings a 18 Panels
Angle: 30 degrees
Production: 59,700 kWh per year
Price of electricity: 14.8 lek / kWh (with VAT)
Savings in lek: ~ 884.00 new lek per year
Extra: Printing Company