Projekti Taverna Permetare

Photovoltaic System "Taverna Sofra Përmetare" - 5.8 kWp Durrës

Questions about the Photovoltaic System

What is the type and the size of the photovoltaic system?

♻️ 5.8 kWp On Grid

How many solar panels are installed and what model are they?

♻️ 21 solar panels Luxor Poly 275 wp

How many inverters are needed for this photovoltaic system?

♻️  1 Inverter Fronius Symo 5 kW 

What type of structure is used for this photovoltaic system?

♻️ K2 System SingleRail Alumin

How much electrical energy produces this system per year?

♻️ 8.610 kWh per year